About the Company

Borgs Vävgarner AB is a Yarn company located in the south of Sweden, in a village called Vittsjö.

The company has a long history, it goes way back in time, as far as 1734 when it was placed in the university town Lund.

Our business is mostly weaving-yarn and weaving-equipment, you can also order looms from us.

Please feel free to visit or gift shop in Vittsjö, Sweden with a lots of things - not only fabrics!

On the following pages you can see our assortment and the different colors and also place yor order.

This is the story of one of Swedens oldest companies!

Borgs Vävgarner AB is an old yarn company, it started in 1734 in a Town in the south of Sweden called Lund.

Back then the company where a big asset to the Town, many people worked there and the company owned several buildings.

There where also another company that started their business in the eighteenth century. The name of that company was "Salanders".

In 1970 Salanders bought Borgs and both companies had over 500 employees. Borgs where at that time as it is now only a wholesale company.

In 1978 the handcraft bit of Borgs where once again bought up. This time the loom fabric "Glimåkra Looms" where the buyer.

They moved Borgs to a little village near Glimåkra, called Vittsjö, where it still is. The two companies where separated in 1983 when Mr. Bengt Holmqvist bought it. In 2000 Borgs acquired Klippans arts and crafts and thus made Borgs one of the largest yarn industry in the country. Today the company is owned by Bengts daughter Maria Holmqvist, and we are three employees working.

Well, to make a long story short, I hope that you now have some clue of the company. We know the importance of high quality, good prices and fast deliveries.

Try us - you will not be disappointed!